North Haven Village Adopts $1.3 Million Budget


The North Haven Village Board last week adopted a $1.3 million budget for 2015-16, with a 3.2-percent increase over the current year’s spending plan.

The budget works out to be a $42,110 increase, which Village Clerk Georgia Welch said is due mainly to an increase in the village’s fire contract with Sag Harbor, as that neighboring municipality will begin employing paid paramedics and critical care emergency medical technicians for the Sag Harbor Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

The budget is paired with a $857,547 levy, up a little more than $200,000 from last year’s, but within the New York State cap on tax levy increases, Ms. Welch said.

North Haven Mayor Jeff Sander said the village saw an increase in revenue from building permits this past year, making it easier to offset expenses for the upcoming year. The village also saved a significant amount of money by turning the building inspector position into a part-time one with only three days of work per week.

“We did pretty well in managing the budget. We’ve been trying to reduce expenses,” Mr. Sander said. “So we were able to put together a budget that stayed within the tax cap.”

The public safety portion of the budget, which accounts for almost half of the overall spending plan, will also cover the cost of a new “four-poster” deer treatment program that kills ticks that feed on white-tailed deer. Mr. Sander said the village will use a fair amount of state aid, along with some of the $50,000 allotted for deer management, to help fund the four-poster program.

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