Water Mill Community Notes, April 16


It was a glorious weekend with the sun shining brightly and I could swear that the grass in my yard was just a little bit greener on Monday than it was on Sunday. The beautiful weather brought lots of people outside enjoying long walks and some surveying winter damage in their yards. We even broke the bikes out of the shed and took a short ride.The warm weather motivated me to run quite a bit this weekend, too. I took a long run that brought me all the way over to Cooks Lane, which has one of the most beautiful field views in Water Mill, in my humble opinion. It also brought me to one of my regular routes, down Narrow Lane South. The temperature was right, the wind light … it felt great. So you can imagine my disappointment when running on this road when I came upon the sight of a pile of dumped trash and old furniture on the side of the road. Who would do such a thing? Admittedly, it can be expensive in this town to dispose of those types of items, but still, does making it someone else’s problem solve it? I kept wondering what people who do this are thinking while they are despoiling the area. It’s just unconscionable.

The Mecox Bay Ice Yacht Club hosted its annual awards ceremony at the Halsey greenhouse on Deerfield Road recently. This year, the winner of the handcrafted trophy—that’s really a work of art—was Chris Miller of Sag Harbor. He tallied the most points within the local club, as well as having won the Long Island iceboating championship in the DN class (that’s a one-seat ice boat category). The trophy is presented in memory of Charles E. Hildreth, 1937-1987. Known by the nickname Rock, he is considered the father of DN racing on Mecox Bay. Sources tell me he was a “designer, craftsman, builder, innovator, and a friend to every iceboater. His competitive spirit and championship racing record brought international recognition to the club.”

Rock Hildreth died suddenly in 1987 and, according to Adam Halsey, it came as quite a shock to the club’s membership. He remarked that Rock was “always the first person on the ice sailing for the year and often the last one off the ice.” The trophy is for a member of the Mecox Ice Yacht Club for qualifying club races in a DN Class iceboat. This year’s winner, Chris Miller, had the highest number of days sailing of any club members this year. The club’s second-place award went to Bob Houget and third place to David Lee Brown.

The Water Mill Community Club has rescheduled its Trivia Night for Saturday, April 25, at 6 p.m. It will be held at the Community House. Sign up with a team of four or more to compete for prizes. Register by sending an email to Pat Sliwienski at PSliwiensk@aol.com.

The Great East End Cleanup is just around the corner. Pick a corner of your world that is not publicly maintained, pick up the trash on the weekend of April 18/19, and give yourself a pat on the back. Keep in mind that a cleaner Southampton is not just a one-weekend deal. You can pick up trash any time. It’s just at this time you can get free trash bags and a pass to dispose of it at the transfer station. If you plan to participate, sign up at Southampton Town’s website.

The Water Mill Community Club will make transfer station passes available at its tennis house on Saturday, April 18, from 10 a.m. to noon for those cleaning up Water Mill areas. And for high school students who wish to help out the club cleaning up around the club’s grounds, there are community service hours up for grabs. Email psliwiensk@aol.com if you have questions or to arrange an alternate time to come by the tennis house.

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