Flounder, First Stripers, Hitting South Fork Shores


There were some fresh fish in frying pans this week.The horizon remained the surest bet to find a fish for the cooler but a few fellas with terra firma under their feet actually put fillets in the fridge this week.

The Quogue Canal finally produced a couple keeper flounder for those who diligently soaked their worms and kept the chum flowing steadily. No word on flatties from Lake Montauk or Three Mile Harbor but someone should be trying by now. Sinker bouncers in the Great South Bay and Reynolds Channel have been cleaning up on nice flatties, but we still struggle to find even a flier, never mind a fat 2-pounder.

Spawning schools of bunker have taken up residence in Taylor’s Hole in Moriches and the south end of the Shinnecock Canal. Unfortunately they’ve brought a squadron of seals with them, which means any flounders in the vicinity would do well to keep their noses buried in the mud.

The insomniacs are vigilantly stalking the night, awaiting the arrival of squid to stock their bait freezers. Should be any night now.

The few forays to the surf that I and some of the other surf rats made this week have been wholly fruitless. The fish are getting closer though. A fair number of stripers were caught from the surf upisland this week, including a handful of keeper-size fish. A Southampton Press T-shirt goes to the first person to send me a photo of a keeper striped bass caught east of Moriches Inlet.

There is some bait to attract the stripers when they do arrive. Tons of alewives rushed into the Mecox cut last week, and there should be some stragglers still working their way toward the smell of freshwater trickling out. The first pre-spawn bass that wander up the shore should settle on them, so hopefully the cut will stay open for a couple more weeks.

Fun Weekend At White Water Outfitters

White Water Outfitters in Hampton Bays asked me to remind you that they will be having their second Spring Cast-Off open house and boat show on May 2 and 3. I can vouch that the event was a lot of fun last year. There were some really good special deals on tackle, tons of free stuff and a mountain of great food by the Canal Cafe guys.

It will be all-day fun, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days.

Tuna lure-making legend Joe Shute will be at the shop this year (do I smell special deals on the best bally skirts made?), as will Trev Gowdy, host of “Monster Fish” on the Outdoor Channel.

See you there.

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