Sagg Bridge To Be Sold To Sagaponack Village For $1


Sagaponack Village will buy the Bridge Lane bridge from Southampton Town for $1, according to village officials, the same price the town paid for the structure when it took control from Suffolk County some 30 years ago.

The town agreed last year that it would look to hand over control of the bridge to the village after Sagaponack and Bridgehampton residents voiced fierce objections to Town Highway Department plans for changing components of the bridge as part of needed renovations.

Similar objections had spurred the transfer of the bridge from county to town control in the 1980s.

Town Attorney Tiffany Scarlato said this week that the exact language of the agreement to transfer title to the 1930s-era bridge has yet to be finalized, and that the town may still ask the village to reimburse it for approximately $80,000 it spent on designs for the bridge renovations.

The village has said it will fund the more than $500,000 cost of refurbishing the bridge, but will not seek to widen the roadway or replace the concrete pillar guardrails that give the bridge the quaint rural character that residents defended so vociferously.

The town’s plans for the renovations to the 90-foot span had been projected to cost nearly $1 million, about $500,000 of which was to come from a federal grant.

Mr. Scarlato said that the transfer of the bridge will involve a fee-title sale of the structure itself and will then require a joint session of the Town Board and the Sagaponack Village Board to approve a redrawing of the official village-town line to include the western half of the bridge and its approaches in the village’s jurisdiction.

Sagaponack Mayor Don Louchheim said on Monday that he expects the transfer will not be finalized until next winter.


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