A Gardenside Rental At Madoo


Looking for an August rental? Perhaps one with a lush organic garden near the beach will suffice. The Madoo Conservancy in Sagaponack is renting out its charming winter house, from August 1 to September 7. And apparently, it’s been doing so for about 20 years.

With two homes on the property, Madoo’s founder, the artist, poet and gardener Robert Dash, used to switch spaces, moving to the summer home during the warmer months and renting out his winter home during that time. Since his death in 2013, the winter house has been rented by a part-time resident for 11 months out of the year, who leaves in August to go elsewhere.

The space is unique and inspired by a metropolis not too far from here. “The ground-floor layout is like a New York City loft,” said Alejandro Saralegui, director of Madoo. The studio space has a dining, entertaining and sleeping area—with a bed that just so happens to be made out of timbers that fell during Hurricane Gloria! Guests can climb the spiral staircase—also made out of said timbers—to hide out in the two smaller bedrooms upstairs.

In addition, a newly renovated bathroom opens out onto Madoo’s greenhouse. Add the outdoor shower, private courtyard and 2 acres of organic gardens, and you pretty much have a nature lover’s dream come true. The house has a private drive and entrance, and to complete its overall adorable-ness, it also comes with two bikes.

“It’s for a special person,” said Mr. Saralegui. The price tag? It’s $22,000 plus utilities.

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