Bridgehampton School News, April 30


Bridgehampton School

OneOne932, Bridgehampton’s Virtual Enterprise class, attended and exhibited at the VEI International Trade Show on Wednesday, April 15, at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. This is one of two trade shows in which students exhibit their products and sell merchandise to other teams in the virtual world. The Virtual Enterprises International Trade Show allows students from around the world who participate in the world-wide network of VEs to exhibit a wide range of products and tout their marketing campaigns. Students have been mentored and supported by a who’s who of top U.S. corporations. From the moment the trade bell rings, until the final nanosecond of the closing bell, some 150 businesses will be racing against time to log sales of highly desired goods and services to increase their bottom line and sustain their virtual employees’ lifestyles, according to the VEI website.

This course offers our Bridgehampton students an opportunity to gain college credit along with real life skills and experience by working hand-in-hand with community members and businesses throughout the year to help them with all aspects of business development including marketing, finance, and production. The Bridgehampton team—Jada Pinckney, CEO; Daniel Denton, VP of administration and sales; Isaiah Aqui, director of marketing and IT; and facilitator Dr. Carrie McDermott—worked with several members of the community: Murray Skurnik, Kenneth Ferrin, Chief Dwayne Denton and Barbara Butler. These community members played a vital mentoring role in assisting the OneOne932 team in creating a new business plan, building a new trade fair booth, far exceeding their financial goals and much more.

East Hampton Wellness Foundation is providing a six-week program for pre-K students and their parents called Healthy Food For Life. Each lesson is hands-on and includes a food demonstration. The classes learned about spinach during the first lesson and made a delicious spinach smoothie. The kindergarten will be participating in the program next week. The pre-K students then celebrated Earth Day by cleaning garbage off the grass near the music room. They had fun cleaning up their part of the Earth. They also made a large fruit salad and ended the day with a recycling relay.

A reminder that all Class of 1965 graduates are invited to attend the Class of 2015 commencement celebration on June 28. Call 537-0271, ext. 1310.

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