Brogan Lane Design Opens Showroom In Sag Harbor


Interior designer Brogan Lane hopes to bring her own style and flair to the East End after recently relocating from star-studded Los Angeles to the breezy seaside village of Sag Harbor.

Ms. Lane opened a showroom on Madison Street on Sunday featuring an array of vibrant colors, whimsical prints and an eclectic mix of furniture—a look that combines the classic, clean-cut style of Hamptons decor with a splash of unique, bold tones.

The showroom occupies the former studio and home of artist Cappy Amundsen, whose paintings captured Sag Harbor’s nautical roots. Ms. Lane celebrated the opening of her showroom by encouraging guests to bring pieces of Mr. Amundsen’s work, along with any stories and memories about the artist that they had to share.

“He inspired me. He painted here,” Ms. Lane said at her showroom late last week as she laid out a tablecloth printed with one of her colorful, signature designs. “His presence is just all over. I feel like he’s passing the torch now.”

By focusing on her opening on Mr. Amundsen’s legacy, Ms. Lane said she is doing exactly what she aspires to do in her work: create something new from something old. Her style often incorporates classic looks with trendier ones, and is inspired by an extensive interview she has with each client before the design process begins.

The designer said she often delves into the depths of her clients’ emotions and aims to bring them a personal space that builds on the colors and feelings they hold close by starting off with fond memories of their childhood, like how they spent time with their parents.

“It’s a room where they never have to worry again,” she said of the hoped-for end result. “It embraces them with hope. It fills them with happiness.”

Ms. Lane’s past clientele includes the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Leah Rimini and Matthew Perry. She said she hopes her style will blend well into the Hamptons, where the emphasis on home design as strong as it is in Los Angeles.

“I want to respect everybody here as well and work as a team,” she said. “I want to add to it.”

Brogan Lane Designs is located at 197 Madison Street in Sag Harbor. To learn more about Ms. Lane’s work, visit

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