Tuckahoe Superintendent Chris Dyer In Contract Negotiations With Iowa School District


Tuckahoe Superintendent Chris Dyer is in contract negotiations with the Marion Independent School District in Iowa as of late last week.

On Tuesday morning, Mr. Dyer said that he was offered the position on Friday to helm the 3,000-student Iowa district starting on July 1. Mr. Dyer said he has not yet accepted the superintendent’s position, but is negotiating a contract and expects to be able to finalize it later this week.

Tuckahoe Board President Bob Grisnik said this week that the district does not know what it will do if Mr. Dyer should choose to leave Tuckahoe, but that the board will explore all its options.

“We don’t have a plan yet,” Mr. Grisnik said. “We are still waiting to see whether or not he is going to get a contract there in Iowa. Once he tells us that he has one, we will begin moving forward with what we have to do.”

Mr. Dyer was first named a finalist by the Marion Independent School District last week, when the district website posted a release identifying the two finalists, Mr. Dyer and Dr. Michael Houselog of Illinois. The position is to replace Sarah Pinion, who is retiring in June.

The announcement comes just four months after Mr. Dyer, who joined the Tuckahoe School District in 2010, turned down a similar administrative position at the Susquehanna Valley School District in upstate New York after receiving a substantial raise from the Tuckahoe Board of Education.

This week, Mr. Dyer said that he thinks now would be a good time to leave the Tuckahoe District because he believes it will be left in good hands. Other than recent financial troubles, the Tuckahoe district has improved steadily over the last few years in terms of test scores and programs, and has increased services for special education students.

Mr. Dyer also has a personal connection to the Iowa area, he said. He used to be a teacher in Iowa, and that is where he met his wife, Cheri, who grew up in Iowa City. Although he is sad to be leaving the Tuckahoe School—he said the Tuckahoe community has been an amazing place to work—he also said he was confident it would be the right move for both himself and the Tuckhaoe School District.

“I have always looked for the opportunity to serve where my educational skills will fit the needs of the district,” Mr. Dyer said. “The community at Marion is very strong and they really support its school. I have a personal connection, the community piece, and a chance for professional growth.”

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