Bridgehampton School News, May 7


Bridgehampton School

Three days of competition, 18,000 students with 800 robots representing 40 countries awaited the rookie Bridgehampton Robotics team in St. Louis at the FIRST Robotics 2015 Championship. The event was held at the Jones Dome, home of the St. Louis Rams and capped off an exciting year for Team Supreme, Bridgehampton’s rookie robotics team. The field of teams was divided into eight divisions with the top team from each division making their way into the finals. Team Supreme was chosen after the first round to partner up with the first-place team as they competed in the subdivision finals. The final pairing of teams lost a tough match, 215 to 227, ending Team Supremes run with a silver medal and trophy for being a Carson subdivision finalist. The team also got a chance to visit an innovation fair and see real world applications of agricultural and medical robots. Overall, Team Supremes trip, like their first year in robotics, was a resounding success.

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