Hayground School News, May 7


Hayground School

The results of the 2015 ePals Invent It Challenge are in. Julie Fanelli-Denny’s class is thrilled to announce that three out of four of the class inventions were recognized with an “honorable mention” in the challenge. Out of the 253 international submissions there were eight first place awards and 20 honorable mentions. The Hayground students were persistent and worked diligently throughout the invention process.

Last Saturday, the class hosted Hayground School’s very first Mini, Mini, Maker Faire. The inventions were on display at the Faire and other Makers in the Hayground community will be there as well.

Saturday was also the school’s Spring Helping Hands Day. Parents gathered to help with gardening, putting up tents and other school needs. Parents set up a clothing and small items swap as well and Arjun Achuthan fired up the pizza oven for lunches.

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