East Hampton Community Notes, May 14


May is National Adoption Month. I remember adopting my first dog like it was yesterday. I never had a dog growing up and had always wanted one. My mother was against it for a number of reasons: they had to be walked, they required a lot of attention, they could be expensive and their lifespan was shorter than ours. She was right, but I still wanted a dog.

Almost 10 years ago my boyfriend and I were walking and came upon a pet store having an adoption day. My boyfriend wanted to go in and look. I agreed, but with all my mother’s words of wisdom in my head, I said sternly, “Okay, but under no circumstances are we getting a dog”! So we went in and it was as you would imagine, playful puppies frolicking everywhere. They were adorable, but I was steadfast in my determination. I didn’t have the time or money to get a dog. Then it happened, as we turned to leave I saw him, cowering in corner. I wasn’t sure what kind of creature it was. I moved closer to investigate. He looked more like a bald rat than anything else. What little hair he had was matted and his eyes were filled with goop. He was mute and shaking violently. I asked the woman why he was separated from the others. She said that he was sickly and no one would want him anyway. I turned to my boyfriend and said, “that’s our dog.” He looked at me as though I was crazy and started to speak. I cut him off. “I don’t care what I said, I’m not leaving without him”!I had to run to the bank because I hadn’t been prepared. My boyfriend stayed with “Pepe” to guard him, lest anyone try to adopt him out from under us. When I returned, he was wearing a cashmere argyle sweater my boyfriend had purchased “to make him look a little more dapper.” When we took him to the veterinarian we found out that he had mange, kennel cough, and terrible infections in his ears and eyes. The doctor wasn’t sure if he would live and gave us a regime of medications. When I visited my sister she gasped, “That is your dog?! Ugh”!

He got better. His hair grew in and the ailments cleared up. Now he truly is quite dashing. We’ve even had offers from random summer people to buy him from us as we were walking him down the street. When he was approached on the street by a woman waving a check at him saying she wanted a dog for the summer, my boyfriend told her that he wouldn’t be allowed in the house again if he returned without Pepe.

Pepe is, as pets tend to become, part of our family. We even got two more dogs. They have their own funny personalities. They are always happy to see us and they love us—flaws and all. I can’t imagine not having him or our other dogs in our lives. Yes, my mother’s concerns about dogs are both true and valid, but to me dogs are totally worth the trouble. To celebrate humans and animals in harmony, ARF had their Doggie Social & Dog Walk in Montauk last Saturday. Two-legged and four-legged friends alike had a blast and connected with nature, as well as each other. If you are interested in adoption or are just an animal-lover, head to ARF, to get information on pet adoption specials and freebies all over the island this month. You can stop by to volunteer or visit the animals and give them your support.

For those in need of a fun night out, on Wednesday, May 13, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. the YMCA hosts “Legacy in the Hamptons” at East Hampton Point. An evening celebrating the men, women and organizations that positively impact our community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Tickets are $55 and include cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Have guiltless fun as all the net proceeds will go towards the YMCA East Hampton RECenter Send a Kid to Camp Scholarship Program.

Golf-lovers, get your clubs ready and your patterned pants pressed! The East Hampton Chamber of Commerce is hosting a golf tournament at the beautiful Maidstone Golf Club on Thursday, May 14. Golfers can play while enjoying the sea breeze. The full day experience includes the golfing fees, cart, meals and cocktails. There will also be prizes galore. It’s sure to be a great time. For tickets and information, contact Marina at marina@easthamptonchamber.org or call 324-0362.

If you are interested in viewing (or possibly buying) some amazing works of art created by local artists, be sure to check out “The Hampton Project” on Saturday, May 16. Ashawagh Hall is hosting five local artists whose art is inspired by the beauty, lights and landscapes of East Hampton. The exhibition is open all weekend. The opening reception will begin at 4 p.m., and refreshments and nibbles will be served.

For the cultured, but frugal, Guild Hall is screening National Theater Live, presenting “A View From the Bridge.” This is an Arthur Miller play, directed by Ivo Van Hove. A stellar cast acts out the great playwright’s confrontation of the American Dream in dark, yet passionate tale. The show begins at 7 p.m., and tickets can be purchased at the box office for $18 or $16 for members.

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