Sag Harbor School District News, May 14


Sag Harbor Elementary School

Snapping a photograph is more than just pointing and clicking. This is the lesson Sag Harbor Elementary fourth- and fifth-graders have been learning during a five-week in-school, photography workshop.

The workshop, instructed by professional photographer Clarence Sheppard, teaches fourth-graders photography basics ranging from lighting and angles, to focal points and how to capture mystery. During their sessions, fifth-graders are learning about portrait photography. The fourth-graders workshop will culminate with a field trip where students use their new skills to document their trip. At the end of the fifth-grade workshop, each student has a portrait of himself or herself taken, which is displayed at their elementary graduation.

The photography program is now in its 11th year and is part of the district’s art curriculum.

After hearing about the earthquake and devastation in Nepal, two Sag Harbor Elementary School kindergartners decided they wanted to do something to help. Leo Bogosian and Logan Tarlow created an initiative, called Feel Better Nepal, designed posters and a donation can and walked Main Street, asking for donations. The pair raised $110. Bogosian and Tarlow spoke about their efforts at their school’s morning program, which was also attended by Pritan Ambraose of California, who began the Humans of the World Foundation. Mr. Ambraose gave a brief overview of his program and told the students in attendance how they can all make a difference simply by helping others.

Pierson High School

Three Pierson High School students earned Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. As part of the award, sophomores Isabelle Peters, Aris Witty and Ella Parker were invited to attend a weeklong seminar along with other students across Long Island, during which they heard from various speakers, explored career paths and exchanged ideas with their peers.

Senior Meagan Beedenbender was selected to represent Suffolk County at the New York City Teen Institute, held on May 1. She earned the honor through her volunteer work at Human Understanding & Growth Services, Inc. (HUGS). At the institute, Meagan collaborated with her peers about skills to lead an alcohol, tobacco and drug-free life and learned leadership skills.

In addition to her volunteering efforts with HUGS, Meagan also serves on her school’s yearbook and prom committees and is a member of the school’s gay/straight alliance. She will be attending the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam in the fall to study music education.

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