Father/Son Duo Experience Thrill Of Racing Together


Ever since he was 8 years old—the first time he experienced Riverhead Raceway—Logan Fogg wanted to be on the racetrack.

After all, it’s in his blood.

Rhett Fogg, Logan’s father, used to race in Riverhead. But 17 years ago, just two weeks before Logan was born, Rhett decided to give it up.

“I knew it was time to have a family,” the 44-year-old Westhampton resident said. “I kind of stopped everything.”

On May 3, the Foggs came full circle when both Logan and Rhett took to the track for the first time together, racing in the 8-cylinder Enduro series in Riverhead.

Logan, a 17-year-old senior at Westhampton Beach High School, fared well in his No. 42 car, placing fifth in the second race of the day after starting in last place. It wasn’t the best showing for Rhett, in his No. 42x car: He got caught up in a minor wreck six laps into his first race in almost 18 years and had to bow out.

But it wasn’t necessarily about who placed where.

“It was definitely fun racing with him,” Logan said. “Racing side by side—the experience was worth it just for that.

It was Logan who convinced his dad to return to the racetrack. “He always said he was done, and I asked him, ‘Would you race with me?’” he said. “All he needed was an excuse from my mom to get back into racing, and that excuse was me. He wanted to get back into it.”

It wasn’t the first time on the track for Logan, who began his racing career last season. This summer will be his first full season.

“He got into [racing] on his own,” Rhett said of his son. “I didn’t try to encourage him to race, but I also didn’t try to discourage it. He did the whole baseball thing, he tried fishing, he did all of that. He came home one night and said he wanted to go racing. I told him if he could find a car, we’ll build it. Two nights later, he came back with a car.”

Today, Logan actually owns three cars, which he purchased with his own hard-earned money, working under his father, who owns Accu-rhett Carpentry, based out of Westhampton.

“It’s one of those things where I said I always wanted to do it, and now I’m doing it,” Logan said.

“We’re going to try and do the father-and-son thing for as long as I can,” Rhett added.

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