Gas Leak Closes Southampton Main Street Friday Afternoon


Main Street in Southampton Village was closed for roughly an hour on Friday afternoon while a gas leak was brought under control.

The Southampton Fire Department responded to Main Street at 12:33 p.m. after reports of a smell of gas and a hissing noise at Second Nature Market. Responders found the source of the leak in a dry well, and called KeySpan to the scene, who had to dig up the off-valve for the unit.

Nobody was injured as a result of the leak, though three businesses—the market, the Southampton Chamber of Commerce, and an art gallery—all had to be evacuated while the leak was located, First Assistant Chief of the Southampton Fire Department Chris Brenner said.

Main Street remained closed for approximately an hour because of the high concentration of gas, he said, though firefighters used meters to determine the buildings safe after the gas was turned off. The cause of the leak is still unknown, though Chief Brenner said it should be repaired in the next 24-hours so service can be returned to the buildings.

Southampton Fire Captain Pat Collins was in charge on scene.

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