Protesters Fined $250 For Montauk Stand


The first two of the more than a dozen protesters who have been arrested for impeding work on the downtown Montauk beach project appeared before a judge in East Hampton Justice Court last week.

Lisa Spellman and Bess Rattray were both issued $250 fines, the maximum allowed by statute, by judge Steven Tekulsky in connection with the disorderly conduct charges they faced from the protest.

Ms. Spellman and Ms. Rattray were arrested together on November 9. At least 10 others also face similar charges and are due to appear in court on December 10.

Attorney Carl Irace, who is representing all of the protesters charged in their symbolic stand against the project, said that he was disappointed that both the Suffolk County Assistant District Attorneys and Judge Tekulsky took a hard line against the two protesters.

“For some reason the DA’s office wouldn’t offer an [Adjournment on Contemplation of Dismissal] as you might expect in such cases,” Mr. Irace said. “And Judge Tekulsky took a particularly hard stance and hit them with the maximum fine.”

On most weekdays since the protests started on November 5, one or two individuals has marched into the work zone and refused to leave until police arrest them.


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