In Southampton Village, Living In The Laps Of Luxury


It may not be swimming season, but two homeowners in Southampton Village are building luxury pools that have already got us thinking about next summer.

On Captains Neck Lane, a homeowner, who is listed as an LLC named after the property’s address, is building an indoor pool that is an impressive 65 feet long by 30 feet wide. Unlike most indoor pools that are located on lower levels, this one will be on the first floor of the home—thus bumping its cool status up yet another notch.

Plans for the home were first submitted in 2009, and construction has been ongoing. The house, which has been framed, is 11,100 square feet, with eight bedrooms and 12 baths. The nearly 2-acre property last sold in 2007 for $7 million, according to town records.

Meanwhile, a homeowner on Murray Place has built an even more grandiose swimming hole. This outdoor infinity edge pool is just a wee bit longer, 146 feet to be exact, if you include the two lap lanes that branch off the main pool, which is 70 feet long and 27 feet wide. Each lap lane is 38 feet long. Want.

The adjoining 17,600-square-foot home will have eight bedrooms, with one set aside for a nanny and two for other staff, and eight full baths with four half-baths. There will also be two garages, one for two cars and another for three, as well as a studio and a gym. Property Shark shows the estate to be about 3.5 acres. The owner, who paid $25 million in 2013, is listed as an LLC named after the address.

Although they might appear to be Olympian in size—the latter is certainly flirting with it—these stately pools do not actually meet the Olympic requirement of 164 feet by 82 feet. Still, it’s safe to say they’re not too shabby and we would, ahem, entertain invitations to try them out next summer—you know, just to make sure they’re as good as they sound.

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