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As reported by the Journalism Club

The 84 Hear Us Roar Opera this year is based on a true event. In 1962 two boys arrived in Springs to live with their family from Portugal. They were the first non-English-speaking children to attend the school. They also introduced soccer to Springs with the help of teacher and coach Fred Yardley. On December 8, the real Porfirio Goncalves visited the students to answer questions from the students about his early life with his brother, Joseph. The students asked him his favorite player growing up, and when he announced Eusebio, the students stood up and sang a song from the opera called Eusebio under the direction of Angelina Modica and the accompaniment of Kyril Bromley. After the song, students lined up to talk to Porfirio in person and collect his autograph. Genie Henderson from LTV filmed the event which will be aired on Springs School In Action with a segment to open this year’s performance.

Fifty eight students from grades four to seven journeyed to Bay Street to watch the Young Voices of the Take 2 Film Documentary. The students participated in the filmmaking workshop with Roger Sherman and some of them won copies of his new book, “Guide to Great Home Video.” All of the students who participated had made films at the school with enrichment teacher Sue Ellen O’Connor. Evan Mendelman and Bella Tarbet were featured on the panel for their film, “What’s It Mean to Be the Best,” which incorporated action and animation with an original opera song from “Dog Don’t Talk.”

The first ever breakfast-for-lunch and Pajama Day was December 9, manned by parent volunteers and sponsored by the PTA. The students enjoyed French toast and juice as their midday meal.

All of the performers and chorus donned their costume and makeup for the official lobby shots by Ellen Watson for this year’s opera. The costume and makeup team of fourth-graders prepared the students for the photography. This year’s team of 20 performers and chorus are wearing clothes from the 1960s, complete with lunch boxes created by the costumers, led by Sara Falkner.

Katie Farmer’s sixth grade social studies class is learning about the ancient Egyptians. To dramatize the lesson, Ms. Farmer dressed as the Egyptian leader Cleopatra whle teaching.

Sometimes scientists have to improvise in the moment, and that’s exactly what Lisa Seff’s first period sixth grade science class did Friday morning December 4, by adding a scientific twist to a classic breakfast food. The class won a bagel breakfast from the PTA for their fundraising efforts for the Turkey Trot. Before eating the bagel breakfast, the students had to complete the first ever “Bagel Lab” by determining the mass of their bagels. Students used triple-beam balances to determine masses of the bagels before and after adding their favorite spread. Once the eating began, they determined that the average, mass of the bagels that were eaten was 130.0 grams.

East Hampton High School will be hosting an orientation called Program of Studies Night for parents of eighth grade students on Wednesday, December 16, at 6 p.m. in the East Hampton High School auditorium. Parents will be introduced to programming and ways to remain involved in their children’s education. They will also discuss any concerns about this important transitional period.

Sean Knight’s fifth grade class created a model of the school from a bird’s eye view. The students used a transparent overlay grid to map out the outer boundaries of the school and the inner parts, such as the courtyard. They transferred the grid onto a paper version, where they added more details and created a key for the school. They learned how early cartographers created maps and compared models to maps.

The second film festival was December 7 with filmmakers in grade two through five. The students and parents in Spirit Meet watched “The Seven Dwarves” by Amy Prado Abby O’Sullivan and Lily Griffin; “Smiley” (animation) by Mariann Brennan and Melina Sarlo; “Columbia” by Sophia Rodriguez and Laura Moreno; “Favorite Sport” by Cody Debackere and David Orellana; “Back in History” by Ruby Reiter and Ava Castillo; “Race” (animation) by Taylor Atwell, Dylan Chapman and Sophia Rodriguez; “Halloween” by Ashley Farez, Jessenia Maldonado and Betsy Ordonez; and “Horse Play” by Addi Barletta. Many of these films will be submitted to the Guild Hall film contest.

Lindsay Thayer’s and Kim Belkin’s fifth grade class and the sixth grade classes are learning that things that are healthy can still taste good. Meghan Cereola is teaming up with the Anna M. Lytton Foundation to teach the students about physical education and nutrition. The Sag Harbor store Provisions is collaborating with Ms. Cereola.

The eighth grade students thanked the faculty and community members that helped them raise funds for their eighth grade Boston trip through the fire department breakfast. The students collected close to $2,000. The students thanked the Springs Fire Department and Springs Ladies Auxiliary for their generosity.

The girls volleyball team started off their season with a win. Eighth-graders Jennifer Calle, Grace Frazier, and Madison Lappin were the top servers with more than 10 serves each. They were closely followed by eighth-grader Kaylee Mendelman, seventh-grader Katrina Osterberg, and eighth-grader Brenda Guerrero. Seventh-grader Bella Tarbet had the only “kill” of the game. “I was very proud of the girls,” said Coach Ana Jacobs. “They accomplished the win coming together as a team, making mistakes and putting them behind them right away. They got rid of some of the first-game jitters.”

Students in the Academic Enrichment classes vie for oratorical excellence each week by performing lines from Shakespeare. Students qualify for a contest in the spring where they perform before acting judges and are scored on their diction, projection and tone. So far the sixth grade is leading with qualifiers: Charley Burge, Corrina Castillo, Nora Conlon, Deja Giles, Andy Merchan, Michael Moret, Sarah Morgan and Daniel Piver. Nora Conlon is the defending champion from the last two years but the other students in this early list have had high placings. The qualification period extends until May.

Students in Joan Branche’s class are visiting the Senior Citizens Center on December 21 to sing carols as part of their yearly tradition. The elementary and junior high choruses, led by director Angelica Modica, were invited to sing carols at Gurney’s Resort and Seawater Spa in Montauk last week.

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