Amagansett School Sends Out Notice of Planned Affordable Apartment Complex


The Amagansett School Board of Education sent out a letter to the community on November 17 addressing plans for the proposed affordable housing rental complex, introduced by the East Hampton Housing Authority last month.

The letter, co-signed by Superintendent Eleanor Tritt, explained the town’s intention to build a 36-40-unit apartment building intended for very low to moderate income families.

According to the letter, the housing authority informed the school that the residents of the apartments could contain 38-46 school-age children. However, it cites that “other estimates” indicated as many as 72 children as potential occupants, possibly increasing student enrollment by 38 percent and taxes by 10 percent.

The letter went on to say that this increase could “pose challenges to the school district” including significant increases in tuition payable to East Hampton School District for students attending the middle school and high school and tuition for full-day BOCES programs. It also mentioned the possibility of the need for expanding the school building and increasing the general operating budget.

“We are continuing to gather more information,” said Ms. Tritt, who has been in direct contact with the housing authority since the project’s announcement.

Housing Authority director Catherine Casey said she did not believe the letter was put out in opposition of the project, but rather was an effort to encourage the community to educate itself on the matter and get involved in its development.

“The district is doing what they should be doing,” said Ms. Casey. “We want [the community] to respond, to say what they’re thinking.”

A large-scale discussion of the housing complex is on the agenda of the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee’s meeting on Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Amagansett Library.

Ms. Tritt said she and members of the Amagansett School Board of Education would be in attendance.

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