Bridgehampton School Hopes To Kickstart Hall Of Fame


The proposed Hall of Fame at the Bridgehampton School will be bigger than originally planned—perhaps it should be called the Corridor of Fame instead.

That’s what the school’s Athletic Director, Michael Miller, said.

Mr. Miller, who spearheaded the idea, said the Hall will no longer boast only the outstanding athletes who have graced the school’s hallways, but it will also showcase coaches, members of the administration, honorary members and those who have given back to their community through service.

Their photographs will be exhibited on plaques that will remain on display forever, the idea being that those individuals have set a precedent for current students to follow. In turn, the new students will hope to be featured in the hall, as well.

“We decided that we don’t want a place just for athletes, we want to commemorate academics,” Mr. Miller said Saturday, noting that there will still be one whole wall dedicated to athletes, as well as shelving to hold the basketballs commemorating the many championships the school’s boys basketball program has won.

Ronald White, who is on the Hall of Fame Committee and is also president of the School Board, explained that the Bridgehampton School is not just about athletics. “There are a lot more components that people can have to be considered a hall of famer,” Mr. White said. “I think we need a hall of fame for all the great people, not just athletics.”

The Hall of Fame will cost the district roughly $15,000 to construct, and Mr. Miller hopes to have it completed as soon as possible, he said. A Kickstarter Fund just started on Wednesday, which means that the district has 45 days to raise $15,000.

“It is a little scary because, if you don’t reach your goal, you don’t get any money,” Mr. Miller said. “From what I’m told, Kickstarter is the best way to go because you only have 45 days, so people are more likely to give when there is a sense of urgency.”

The Hall, which will mostly have a wooden structure, will surround the main entrance of the school and will thus be visible from the moment a visitor, student or teacher walks through the door. It will hold the plaques that honor the different members and some of the shelving will be glass, Mr. Miller said.

This year, the eight member Hall of Fame committee, which also includes Southampton Town Councilwoman Christine Scalera, will decide on five members to induct. Mr. Miller, who is the chairman, will not vote.

It was important to get someone who is extremely involved in the community on the committee, Mr. Miller said.

“Christine represents this great community, and we thought if anyone would represent what is great about this district, she would,” Mr. Miller said. “As a council member, she has certain insight and connections that will be invaluable to our committee.”

In order to be featured in the Hall of Fame, athletes must have graduated from Bridgehampton more than 10 years prior and made strides in the athletic program. They also must have continued on to higher education or served in the military. Coaches and administrators would need to be retired and have positively impacted the school district, and honorary members would have to have made “outstanding contributions to the Bridgehampton School,” according to the guidelines.

All inductees would need to have “impeccable leadership, citizenship and character.”

“We hope that people perceive this as a good thing,” Mr. Miller said.

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