Top Five Fireplaces We Would Gather Around (If It Were Cold Out)


The weather outside is frigh … well, actually it’s downright gorgeous. Not even remotely in need of a crackling fire. More like sunblock. But no matter. It’s December in the Northeast, and we want to talk about fireplaces, dammit. There’s something so soothing, hypnotic even, about fire. We think it must be biologically innate in us, originating from our neanderthal ancestors. Or, it’s just cool to look at. Either way, here are a few fireplaces we could easily gather around and ponder things both deep and shallow.

1. Keeping It Classy

It doesn’t get much better than sitting by a large outdoor fireplace under a vine-laden pergola. We heart this classy setup. Stone masonry and teak furniture? Check. A seating area that faces a freakin’ apple orchard? Check. One unnecessary sign on the mantle place that we like to judge? Check. All that’s missing is marshmallows and any sign of winter. Listed with Douglas Elliman.

2. This One’s A Dear

Gah! It’s so cute we want to pinch its cheeks and stuff it in our pockets! This ridiculously charming fireplace (and living room) belongs to a home in Southampton’s fabled Art Village. Never heard of it? It’s where the hoity-toity creative crowd studied with the one and only William Merritt Chase, an early 20th century artist. Anyhoo, this fireplace is the bees’ knees. It’s dramatic without overwhelming the room; it’s large but cozy. And there’s no denying the cool lines created as it meets the exposed beams on the ceiling. It would be perfect to curl up next to when (or if) it snows. Listed with Saunders.

3. Mod Squad

Now this is one smooth-lookin’ hearth. Rectangular in shape, it’s known as a linear fireplace in the biz, and yes, it’s gas, not wood. We may be purists but even we can admit to some of the benefits of using gas—like no clean up and never looking like a fool because you can’t get it lit. This modern and expansive design would also appear to give off more heat, which may end up cooking you in this balmy, 60 degree weather. Listed with Bespoke.

4. Cool & Clever

Huzzah, another outdoor fireplace! This one may not have an adjoining pergola, but we’re still quite fond of it. At first we thought it was randomly placed amid entryways, with no rhyme or reason. But, no, it does in fact appear to have purpose. It’s just surrounded by a bluestone patio that is sans outdoor furniture in this image. Incidentally, this naked patio has a pathway to the pool, which would be perfect to cool off in right now, since we’re sweating in our sweaters just writing this. Listed with Saunders.

5. Just Like Home

When you compare this fireplace to the others on the list, you might wonder why we’d try to steer you so astray. But hear us out. No, it’s not outside overlooking an apple orchard. And, no, its shape is not adorable or novel. It doesn’t even have questionable mantle piece art that we can silently judge. It does, however, have everything it needs to be the homiest of the setups—a red brick hearth and comfortable furniture that closely surrounds it. Seriously, take your pick of the couch, La-Z-Boy or rocking chair. There is no losing in this scenario. Now all we need is the cold… Listed with Sotheby’s International Realty.

(Disclaimer to the weather gods: We are no way complaining. This was for humor purposes only. Please do not strike down upon us with frozen fury. Thank you.)

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