Hamptons Lifelong Arts Center Set To Launch


For the greater part of the year, the Fine Arts Building on the Stony Brook Southampton campus sits empty with endless potential. This month, Lori Newell plans to tap it.

In two weeks, Ms. Newell will kick start the Hamptons Lifelong Arts Center, a membership-based program that provides unlimited access to classes in acting, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, fitness, lifestyle habits, community involvement and more—the majority taught by local instructors, including Anita Boyer, Linda Capello, Valerie diLorenzo, Michael Disher, Thomas Price and James West.

And all for $150 per semester.

“People are looking for healthy ways to socialize with each other,” according to Ms. Newell, the center’s director. “Our objective is to provide a wide variety of affordable classes and to help keep people physically and mentally active.”

Membership is open to students age 18 and up, and Ms. Newell said she encourages any and all ideas.

“If people have certain classes they’d like to see offered, we’d love to hear from people,” she said. “It’s a community project, so we really need to hear from you.”

Classes will be held from Tuesday, January 19 through March 4. No classes from February 15 through February 20. For more information about the Hamptons Lifelong Arts Center, call (631) 259-1385, email info@hamptonsarts.org, or visit hamptonsarts.org.

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