East Hampton Village Moves To Improve Hook Pond And Town Pond Water Quality


The East Hampton Village Board approved a $96,359.43 bid from Gatz Landscaping, Inc. to complete work to improve the water quality at Hook Pond and Town Pond.

The project aims to address the ponds’ poor water quality by installing a drainage course, known as a bioswale, designed to remove silt and pollution.

Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach noted that the landscaping company, based in Mattituck, primarily does work on the North Fork and is a “consummate, professional organization,” based on the comments he has heard.

Village Administrator Becky Molinaro said the project’s total cost will be offset by a by a $46,000 grant from last year’s Suffolk County Water Quality Protection and Restoration Program

The board also approved a resolution to allow Lombardo Associates, Inc. to perform sediment analysis of Town Pond for $35,458 as part of the overall water quality improvement project.

The consulting firm previously authored the Hook Pond Water Quality Improvement Study in April 2015 where they initially pitched the idea to use bioswales as a management solution.

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