CVS Slated For East Hampton Bowl Site


A new CVS Pharmacy is slated to occupy the building soon to be constructed at 71 Montauk Highway in East Hampton Village, the site of East Hampton Bowl, which was demolished last year after closing in 2013.

Property owner and New York real estate investor and developer Jeffrey Suchman confirmed last week that CVS is renting the building under a lease agreement.

With the construction process having already begun and signs approved by the village’s Architectural Review Board, he said the pharmacy could be open by next spring.

The new pharmacy will be located less than three miles from a preexisting CVS on Pantigo Road and Gay Road in the village. Representatives from CVS could not comment on what impact the new location would have on the current one.

Last July, Mr. Suchman received approval to construct the 9,982-square-foot building from the East Hampton Village’s Design Review Board. The site plans include 50 parking spaces, lighting and landscaping.

The CVS building will be 4,438 square feet smaller than the former bowling alley’s 14,420 square feet, and will be located closer to the front of the lot, according to the approved plans.

The Village Zoning Board of Appeals granted Mr. Suchman a coverage variance last March allowing the one-story building to cover 74.1 percent of the roughly 1-acre property.

The signs, which were approved in April, include a 29.83-square-foot, 18.5 feet above ground sign on the building’s exterior. There will also be a two-sided, eight foot high LED lighted monument sign, a 2.42-square-foot plaque listing the store’s hours next to the main entrance and a three-square-foot sign indicating the building’s freight entrance. According to the application, the LED lighting used will not cause a glare beyond the property lines so as not to affect the vision of passing drivers.

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