Beachcomber, July 21


Remember the days when you came out to the country to relax and get away from the hectic pace of the city? Not anymore, as everyone is in such a hurry to get somewhere. What a shame! Anyone want to turn the clocks back to the old days? I know I would.In an effort to change things up, I had dinner the other night at Red Bar with a very good friend. We had an amazing meal, and I am delighted that Todd Jacobs from Fresh is now the executive chef.

Wednesday evening, I went over Noyac to visit some friends at their lovely home. They suggested we have dinner at Pellegrino’s, which was literally down the block. So, off we went. Our server, Jessie, was absolutely delightful, and the meal was excellent. It’s so nice to find a new place to dine out!

My mother arrived this past week for a month. Having not been here for two summers, she was a bit surprised at all the changes and new building going on everywhere.

Friday evening, I went to the dress rehearsal of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged,” which is being held at the Cultural Center. The premise of the play is that three incompetent actors decide to put on a play about all of Shakespeare’s 37 plays and 154 sonnets, condensed to a 90-minute performance.

Filled with modern-day references and sexual innuendos, the play is quite funny. I especially loved it when they decided to take all the historical plays, from “Richard II” to “King Lear” and everyone in between, and set it to a rap song. The play will be running for the next two weekends, from Thursday to Sunday, and is really worth a view.

Saturday, it was into town with my mother for some shopping and lunch. We stopped by Arthur Kalaher’s shop, where my mother found a beautiful oil painting. Next, we strolled up the block to J. McLaughlin’s for the Merrichase trunk show. Jennifer has really expanded her collection of travel jewelry, showing some fabulous new pieces. While we were there, we checked out the new men’s store, which is lovely, and chatted with Norman, the manager.

I started the evening back at the Southampton Cultural Center for the sixth annual Summer Roses Concert; the theme was Shakespeare’s musical legacy. The actors from the play the night before were on stage reading pieces from various plays, while Sarah Moulton Faux, Junko Ohtsu and Michael Fennelly performed.

Seen enjoying the performance: Lloyd Bowers, Deborah and Charlie Moulton, Suzette Smith, Vickie and Bill Johnston, Hiro Suzuki, Annabel and Roberto Mariacca, Regina and Rainer Greeven, Kathryn Patterson, Emily and Tom Mahoney with their daughter Grace, Bill McKnight, and, of course, proud husband Gordon Faux.

Each year, the concert is always wonderful, and this night was no exception. I just loved listening to Junko on the violin and Michael on the piano. Of course, I am always amazed at Sarah’s vocal abilities, which are incredible. I am so grateful to have the chance to enjoy this slice of culture on the East End.

I understand that the Cultural Center will be starting a capital campaign to enhance the theater. You can sponsor a seat in the theater, which will have your name on it, so call the center for more details.

Next stop of the night was the stunning home of Audrey and Martin Gruss, for a kickoff cocktail party for Walk of Hope, which will be on Saturday, July 30, at Agawam Park. Audrey founded Hope for Depression in honor of her mother, and I just love her dedication to this important cause. Guests enjoyed wonderful nibbles around the pool. Seen enjoying the beautiful gardens: Cary Crain and James Alan Smith, Charles Manger, Lucy Musso, Campion Platt, Ann Grimm, Darcy and George Gould, Debbie Bancroft, Robert Zimmerman, Lis Waterman, Mai Halingby, Lizi and Vari Obolensky, Lucia Hwong Gordon, and Jay McInerney.

I didn’t stay long, as I still had one more event that evening, the Unconditional Love Gala for the Southampton Animal Shelter. The evening’s event was held at a private home on Gin Lane, where guests arrived for cocktails on the lawn, followed by dinner, dancing and a live auction under the tent.

Seen enjoying the night: Lisa and Flip Crawford, Taylor Karns, Peter Di Paola, Mayor Mark Epley, chairwoman Jean Shafiroff and husband Martin, Georgina Bloomberg, Jonathan McCann, Kristen and Charles Krusen, Elizabeth Shafiroff, Amy and Ray Cosman, Ellen and Chuck Scarborough, Rosalie Brinton, Clif Knight, artist James Fahnestock, Kingsley Crawford, Maribeth and Tom Edmonds, Annette and Gerry Geddes, Angie and Siamak Samii, Gary Lawrance, Zita Davisson, Howard Lorber, Jo Halingby, Renee and Dale Schlather, and Kim Rank (from Sequins) with husband Greg Dryer.

Kim was kind enough to donate those fabulous bracelets that she sells, which were used as the napkin ring holders, adding a great look to each place-setting. Robbins Wolfe did the catering, and Alex Donner and his band had the dance floor hopping, making the evening a big success.

Of course, there were plenty of dogs and cats available for adoption, each more adorable than the last. I have a feeling that there will be a dog in my future when I get back to Florida this fall.

Sunday afternoon, I headed over to a delightful luncheon that a dear friend was having. Susie Wagner held her seventh annual closest-to-the-pin chipping contest. Guests have two chances to swing a golf club and chip to the pin for bragging rights in this absolutely hilarious party. The women had their eye on the pin this year, as Cathy Walsh was within a foot for the win. Jack McGrath won for the men.

Seen watching and playing: Pam Walker and Daniel Storey, Laura Danforth, Weezie Collins and Bert Mallard, Ana Maria Holme, Bobo McKenney, Maria and Dan Del Rio, Sandra McConnell, David Banker, Nancy and Enrique Lopez Balboa, Annette and Gerry Geddes, Sam Orleans and Kevin Hansley, Camille Campbell, Brenda Landry, Tish and Orest Bliss, Patty and George Kraus, Jane Rose and Kent Atkins, Lyn and Warren Hamer, Peri and Larry Bogert, Graham Watkins and David Albenda, Judy and Denis Dwyer, Etta Froio, and Sandra Walsham.

This Saturday is the fifth annual summer benefit for Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue. The event will be held at a private home on First Neck Lane from 4 to 7 p.m., including cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a live and silent auction, and a gourmet doggie bar. You can go to their website for tickets.

Also that night is the sixth year of “A Taste of Two Forks.” This is always a fun night, and with the change in location to a sprawling waterfront property, the evening will be fantastic. The evening will spotlight the bounty of the North and South forks, with a host of restaurants making some of their signature dishes.

Sunday is the Antiques Fair at the Southampton Historical Museum, which never fails to disappoint.

Hope to see you there!

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