Springs Community Notes, July 28


As per usual, the summer is zipping by. Unusual for me, I’ve barely partaken of my favorite summertime activity, which is to immerse myself in the soothing waters of our beautiful bay beaches as often as I can. Frankly, it’s just been too hot for my dog. If I can’t bring her, I’ve been reluctant to go. I never thought I would get this way, but truthfully, I seem to prefer my dog’s company over anyone else’s. Throughout my life I’ve had dogs that I loved, but I was never this attached. Those were family dogs, but Lorena is just mine, which makes her extra special to me. I am sure that it’s because my son is grown now with a life of his own, that the love and attention that used to be focused and directed at him is now channeled toward Lorena. Still, I haven’t taken leave of my senses entirely. Suddenly I realized that we are nearly halfway through the summer, and I’m in danger of missing the small window of opportunity to experience the joys of swimming and floating in the bay. So, last Saturday, I put on the air conditioner and the radio, kissed Lorena “goodbye” and went off to join my aunt Lori and her granddaughter, Kailey, to float on noodles in the delicious waters of Little Albert’s. It was pure heaven! I hope that everyone who is “too busy” this time of year will make some time to enjoy this simple pleasure before it’s too late. Also, apologies to those who are tired of hearing about my dog. I’m working on balance, so hopefully, will get out more, and have something else to discuss!Actually, those looking for an interesting discussion, may want to attend this “Sundays at 5” free Lichtenstein Lecture at The Fireplace Project, located at 851 Old Stone Highway. Dan Rattiner, founder of “Dan’s Paper,” will shed new light on the infamous Nazi saboteur landing at Atlantic Avenue Beach that happened on June 13, 1942. Many of us have enjoyed watching this reenactment performed by local characters annually for the past few years at the Amagansett Life-Saving Station & Coast Guard Building. Mr. Rattiner’s lecture “New Take: George Dasch & Nazi Saboteurs” explains why the leader of this group, George Dasch, may have been thrown into an unfair light. Mr. Rattiner is also currently working on a new book based on this premise, “The Night the Nazis Landed.” Always entertaining, Dan Rattiner will surely not disappoint those who attend!

While it is still up through Sunday, be sure to drop into Ashawagh Hall to view the indoor exhibit “Summer of Sculpture” that features the large and small sculptures of 30 local artists. Sponsored by the S.I.S. and Guild Hall’s museum director, Christina Strassfield, this wonderful show was put on as an extension to the 11 outdoor sculptures by Springs’ artists throughout our historic hub. Gallery hours are today through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and concludes on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It’s really a wonderful show, so please don’t miss it!

If you can’t make the Springs Farmers Market that is set up on the grounds of Ashawagh Hall every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. throughout the summer, the next best thing close by, is Pig Pen Produce located at 240 Three Mile Harbor Road. It’s one of the most pleasant farm stands with beautiful fruits, vegetables, and home baked goods displayed under tents. Sourced now from a farm in Riverhead, the corn is particularly delicious. As I found out recently, one each for everybody, is simply not enough!

As we approach an even busier season, driving into the villages for something to eat is even more of a stressful hassle. It’s times like these when I feel grateful for pizza! While there are many great places to get pizza and hot food throughout our area, I remain loyal to the family run business, Springs Pizza, located at 841 Springs Fireplace Road. With a friendly staff, the service is quick, the menu broad and varied, inexpensive, and satisfyingly good. To be completely hassle-free, you can call 631-324-7949 for delivery.

If anyone has news items related to Springs, please drop me a line. Until next time, happy week all!

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