Water Mill Community Notes, July 28


Another beautiful weekend on the books. Even with the temp edging toward 100 degrees, the lovely breeze, as well as our gorgeous surroundings, made the heat bearable. Our life such as it is at the moment limits our beach-going to the early and later afternoon parts of the day and we definitely got there at both ends, both days.If I had one gripe, it would be the amount of litter in the parking lot at Flying Point Beach. Even making allowances for the bits that blow away in the wind and are gone before we can catch them, there was just so much of it when I was down there very early one morning. A lot of the trash looked like leftovers from nighttime activities on the beach (read: red Solo cups). Please make an effort to keep our beaches clean.

My friend, Water Mill artist Bruce Lieberman, will have two of his paintings in a hot show called “Feast for the Eyes” at the Nassau County Museum of Art. The show opens with a reception on Friday, July 29. According to a press release about the show, it draws from a wide variety of media and offers viewers eclectic portrayals of feasts, eateries, restaurants, cafés, groceries, and table settings. The show will continue through November 6.

And speaking of the art world, did you hear who will be the entertainment for the annual summer bash at the Watermill Center? That would be Kanye West, so expect a traffic jam at the juncture of Water Mill-Towd Road and Head of Pond Road on July 30.

And looking ahead at a party of a different kind, “Sir Ivan,” as in Ivan Wilzing, also known as Peaceman, who’s got a big place up off Deerfield Road, will be hosting his annual party on August 20. It will coincide with his birthday and so is being billed as “Sir Ivan’s Sinful 60th Birthday” with an Adam and Eve theme. You may have seen Sir Ivan’s limo, painted in hippie tie-dye, around town. He has recently released a new electronic dance music version of John Lennon’s “Imagine” to help victims of PTSD, which he will perform 25 feet above his guests.

The highly encouraged dress code is “fig leaves or less” and snakes, fruit and other accoutrements are encouraged even more.

It promises to live up to Sir Ivan’s legendary parties from the past.

Did you see the story in this paper last week about the possibility of Flying Point Beach becoming a new area for drive-on beach parking?

The access point would be in the southwest corner of the Flying Point Beach parking lot and allow access to about 1,000 feet of beach to the west.

I am definitely not a fan of this idea, especially since drive-on is allowed already after guarded beach hours. This is a very crowded beach all summer long and families set up very far from the guards. It would quickly devolve into a dangerous situation.

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