Migguel Anggelo’s Latin Flair Stirs Southampton on August 20


Migguel Anggelo’s powerful voice and upbeat Latin rhythm will fill the streets of Southampton Village during his upcoming outdoor performance.

Mr. Anggelo and his band, the Immigrants, will play outside the Southampton Arts Center for one night on Saturday, August 20, at 6 p.m. The Venezuelan-born, Brooklyn-based artist is ecstatic to come out east and perform his Latin music show for the first time in front of a Hamptons audience. He encourages guests to bring chairs, blankets, picnics and, most importantly, dancing shoes.

“People in the Hamptons—they better be ready to dance!” he exclaimed.

The vibrant pop singer makes sure his shows are filled with energy and fun. He recently returned from an eight-city tour in Russia, where he performed popular Latin music as well as his original songs. He explained how his infectious dancing brought the crowd to life during his tour: “In Russia, someone told me, ‘Don’t be disappointed if they don’t want to dance. Russian people can be shy.’ But no way. Everybody danced!”

He plans to bring the same kind of energy and results to the intimate setting of the arts center. This concert will feature a handful of songs off his two albums, as well as famous Latin hits from the likes of Astor Piazzolla and Agustín Lara. He has already established himself in Manhattan with regular appearances at the notable Joe’s Pub in East Village, and now he is excited to make his presence known on the East End.

Although he has lately been performing music, Mr. Anggelo is an artist in every sense of the word. He was an actor for 20 years and a ballet dancer for 13, along with being a painter, designer, singer, songwriter and, just recently, a screenplay writer. Now, he is collaborating with his musical director, Mau Quiros, and award-winning playwright David Drake to create a musical titled “The Suitcase Project.”

Mr. Anggelo has lived in many different cities and countries, among them Germany, Miami, his home country of Venezuela, and now New York City. After becoming exposed to many cultures and people, he wanted to incorporate that into his music.

His 2012 debut album, “Donde Estara Matisse,” translated to “Where Is Matisse?” was inspired by a trip to Paris that introduced him to the country’s history and culture. Although the record has some French influence, he sings all of the songs in Spanish and makes reference to other cultures in the lyrics as well.

His bilingual second album released in 2015, titled “La Casa Azul” or “The Blue House,” is a tribute to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and has songs in Spanish and English. The name of the album refers to her famous home in Mexico City that was turned into an art museum in her honor. The theatrical Mr. Anggelo re-created Ms. Kahlo’s distinct look—with a unibrow, mustache, red lipstick and a braided updo—for the official music video and cover art for the title track.

In between concerts, he has been working on his third album, “English with an Accent,” which he hopes to release in a few months. Every song on this album will be in English, but he will make sure to keep his Latin roots heard through his accent.

“Even when I am 55, I always want to have an accent,” he said.

Migguel Anggelo and the Immigrants will perform at the Southampton Arts Center, 25 Jobs Lane, Southampton Village, on Saturday, August 20, at 6 p.m. Admission is free and open to the public.

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