East Hampton Will Fingerprint Taxi Drivers And Give Bonuses To Department Heads


East Hampton Town will begin fingerprinting all drivers of taxi cabs in the town in 2017.

As of the end of February, according to the town’s plans, all of the more than 30 taxi license holders, and the drivers of the 300-odd vehicles that have town permits, will be required to reapply for their licenses and permits and have all their drivers submit fingerprints.

The town plans to set up a fingerprinting facility at its offices at 300 Pantigo.

Requiring that all taxi license holders and drivers submit fingerprints is already in the town code but the town has been unable to enforce it because it did not have a way to collect and file fingerprints. It now plans to contract with a vendor for the state Department of Criminal Justice.

The town may also stiffen requirements for drivers to display their licenses, as a way to deter price gouging by some drivers

Bonuses For Bosses

The Town Board plans to introduce an amendment to town code that would allow the town to pay merit-based one-time salary bonuses as incentives town department heads.

The bonuses would be awarded by the Town Board only, at the recommendation of a committee of both supervisors and employees formed to award similar bonuses to certain Civil Service employees for taking on duties above and beyond the demands of their job title.

The board adopted a merit-based bonus policy for Civil Service employees earlier this year as part of its contract negotiations with the employees union. Department heads are not members of the employees union.

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