East Hampton Residents Form Committee To Oppose Bus Depot For East Hampton School District


Residents of Cedar Street have formed a committee to air their grievances to the East Hampton School Board about a school bus depot proposed on their street.

At a November 15 School Board meeting, several residents living on or near Cedar Street noted environmental, safety and traffic concerns about the proposed site for the depot.

While board members are still in the very early stages of planning the depot, some say the construction and the depot itself would harm their quality of life. One was Cedar Street resident Chuck Collins, who referred to the new group as “the Cedar Street Committee,” and asked that the board share the results of a planned traffic study and State Environmental Quality Review Act application.

“I think it affects us adversely and really affects our way of life,” Mr. Collins said. “It’s our neighborhood, it’s our homeland.”

Mr. Collins added that doing a traffic study in the fall is “irresponsible,” noting that the results would not be the same as for a study performed around May or June, when there is much more traffic.

Vito Brullo, a resident of Pine Street, a private road that leads out onto Cedar Street, said he was concerned about the possibility of spills and ground contamination from a refueling facility, possible air pollution from the use of diesel fuel, the odor of exhaust, and added difficulty in exiting and entering Pine Street with more buses added to the traffic. He asked the board to change the location of the bus depot to a site more “conducive.”

“We will aggressively pursue our goal, and we will also not go away,” he said.

Other residents expressed concerns about student safety, pointing out that the depot would be directly adjacent to a playing field at the north end of East Hampton High School.

The East Hampton School Board president, J.P. Foster, said the board has been listening to residents’ concerns about the project for some time and would continue to be open to public input.

The next School Board meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 6.

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