Quogue Community Notes, November 24


Honoring a promise made to the late Quogue Village Historian and keeper of the flame Pat Shuttleworth, At Quaquanantuck is happy to share once again its annual reflection on just a few of the many things for which all of us lucky enough to spend time in this blessed community can be truly grateful.Now four years out from Hurricane Sandy, we can all be thankful that 2016 was another off year for hurricanes wreaking havoc on our shoreline. Still, we should always support our gratitude and honor the lessons of the past by remaining vigilant, heeding evacuation warnings, and following safety protocols when a major storm has the East End even tangentially in its sights.

We can be thankful for, and humbled by, the courage and community spirit of the members of the Quogue Volunteer Fire Department, ready to make whatever sacrifices are called for to ensure the safety and protect the property of all residents.

And we can be grateful for the fire department providing: fire safety lessons for kids, the Halloween Ghost Parade, support services for Santa’s visit to the Village Green, the Easter Egg hunt, the annual Open House, and the upcoming pancake breakfast and Chinese auction at the firehouse on Sunday, November 27, from 8 a.m., providing a communal cap on the long weekend of feasting and family gatherings.

Likewise we can be thankful that we are blessed with the talented teams of people who work for the Village of Quogue and serve in village government, in the Village Office, on the police force, and out on the roads and bays: their dedication and community spirit translates into a better quality of life for all of us.

We can be grateful that our beautiful Community Hall is a center for the performing arts in Southampton Town, home to the Quogue Junior Theater Troupe and the Hampton Theatre Company as well as the Quogue Chamber Music series, all possible because of the support and generosity of the fine folks in Village Hall and the rest of our community.

We can give thanks that Quogue has one of the best schools on the East End, courtesy of the caring and committed teachers, administrators, support staff and the Parent Teacher Association creating a truly superlative educational experience.

Quogue is blessed, too, with a fantastic library that serves as the cultural beating heart of the village. Give credit for that to an enthusiastic and thoroughly engaged board of directors and an accomplished and helpful staff.

One brilliant facet of the shining diamond that is our library is the facility’s art gallery, offering a vibrant array of exhibitions through the year.

Another jewel of our village is the Quogue Historical Society, managing and curating the artifacts and accounts of Quogue’s storied history dating back to the 17th century for the benefit of all of us and generations to come.

On the northern border of our village sits another reason to be thankful: the Quogue Wildlife Refuge, where—thanks to the Southampton Town Wildfowl Association, the village, the town, and thousands of supporters since 1934—all of us are welcome to wander and experience and learn about the unspoiled natural beauty of this area, the flora and fauna and hundreds of direct links to the spirit of Quogue’s past.

Although the Westhampton Garden Club doesn’t have our village name in its title, Quogue is clearly ever-present in the hearts and minds of its members. The WGC established and maintains all the public gardens in Quogue, including the flowers and greenery at the Village Green; the historic garden at the Quogue Library; and the Butterfly Garden at the Quogue Wildlife Refuge, calling attention to “The Pollinators” and threats to the monarch butterfly and bee populations, among others. Need more? How about the Quogue Association? Nothing inspires gratitude like the efforts of a group of people who get together to inform, educate, and do good works based on a shared love for the place where they live.

The beautiful, tree-lined “business district” of our village, on Jessup Avenue and out to Montauk Highway, has never been more vibrant, with shops offering a range of goods to delight all ages and tastes, and even a beautiful private gallery for art lovers where an “annual review” open house celebration is scheduled this weekend, on Saturday, November 26, from 2 to 7 p.m.

Continue with the checklist: The Post Office, the Board of Election volunteers, the Village Dock and boat launching ramps, the expanded Village Beach facility and the drawbridge that provides access to it, the Quogue Cemetery Association: all of these places and institutions and the people who work for them and who make them work so well add essential services, texture and color to make Quogue truly beautiful, and unique.

With so much misfortune and so many challenges facing so much of the world today, may we all be ever mindful of all the natural beauty and the many blessings we share in this village as we celebrate this holiday of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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