Springs Community Notes, November 24


Almost everyone in Springs is familiar with its special places of beauty that in most people’s minds mainly comprise our shorelines and historic hub. Often overlooked, probably out of the real concern for tick born diseases, are the acres and acres of undisturbed woodlands that still cover vast sections of our hamlet. For years, walking past these woods, I would often pause to gaze through the trees, spying all sorts of wonderful creatures, sometimes a babbling brook, and trails leading to places that I longed to see but did not dare venture into since the time I was a child growing up on Woodbine Drive.So, when my friend, Carol, suggested we take our dogs for a run in the woods, I was immediately intrigued. It’s that time of year, if you take precautions before and after, a long walk through our woods is entirely possible and completely thrilling. Luckily for me, Carol is a seasoned trail walker and knows where to go.

So we parked our cars to the side of Stony Hill Road and accessed the Stony Hill Preserve. A small section of split rail fencing marks the entrance with a reassuring sign that says “No Hunting,” which is immediately apparent. Another sign does warn that while hunting season is on, it is best to stick to the trails. These woods are everything that my imagination could ever dream that a magical wooded landscape should be! The sun shining through nature’s kaleidoscope of warm fall colors through the treetops overhead cast a soothing, warm light, as far as the eye can see. The sight of our dogs, Lorena and Sage, running ahead and leaping in sheer joy as if they could not believe their good fortune, made us beam with happiness. Even little Finn, the Beagle-Jack Russell mix whose nose can often lead him astray, was charged with excitement. The “white” trail led us uphill and down, and looped around eventually back to where we began. It’s like entering into a whole new world of peace, tranquility, and colorful beauty, like a fairytale forest … and right here in Springs! If weather allows, I hope to revisit tomorrow, on Thanksgiving Day … perhaps, I’ll see some of you!

Right after Thanksgiving, the Springs Food Pantry is gearing up to help local families in need get through the winter months, not only by providing food staples each Wednesday, but by gathering cold weather gear for both children and adults from community donations. Please bring your gently used coats, jackets and sweaters to the church on 5 Old Stone Highway most mornings, and always on Wednesday. Due to lack of storage space, they can not accept any other clothing or household goods.

Congratulations to the Springs School October Citizens of the Month, as reported by the Springs School Journalism Club. Awarded for their outstanding behavior and academic success were Luke Dimopolous, Grace Anne Best, Nicole Gaggi, and Isabella Tarbet. Good job!

Other news is that Mrs. LaMonda’s Functional Academic class prepared sweet potatoes for 200 to be enjoyed at the East Hampton’s Presbyterian free Thanksgiving Dinner. Also, the PARP, or Parents as Reading Partners Program, have Springs parents and their children reading at home together in the hopes of earning prizes that are awarded on Fridays.

Adults and children looking for good reads need not travel far. Remember the Springs Library (across from Ashawagh Hall) has a ton of excellent books at nominal cost on their 2nd floor, plus books to borrow. The tents outside sheltering the 25-cent books are still set up on the library’s picturesque grounds, and often have terrific books at barely any cost!

The holidays are often a time when many people miss their loved ones who are no longer here. A beautiful way to remember these special people is to order a tree light for only $5 each to represent them at the 25th annual “Lights of Love” celebration, slated for December 4 at Ashawagh Hall. A list of all the loved ones for whom a light was purchased will remain up at Ashawagh Hall throughout the holiday season. All proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund. All requests should be put in by November 28, so please hurry! Lights may be ordered by mailing a check made payable to the Springs Improvement Society Scholarship Fund to P.O. Box 537, East Hampton, NY 11937 or email Beth Meredith at beth@mrs-meredith.com for more information.

Wishing everyone out there a warm, loving, and delicious Thanksgiving Day!

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