East Hampton Village Board Commends Responders For Saving Man At Maidstone Golf Club


East Hampton Village this week honored emergency personnel and others for saving the life of a man at the Maidstone Club earlier this year.

On September 25 at around 3 p.m., Jan Roosenburg had a heart attack on the third tee of the historic golf course at the Maidstone. Caddy Miguel Quiroz quickly performed CPR until emergency workers could get to the scene. Mr. Roosenburg was then transported to Southampton Hospital and treated for six days—then released in time to attend the wedding of his youngest daughter.

“It’s easy to put into words the profuse thanks, but actions speak louder than deeds, and on this particular day I think each of you should feel very comfortable that you helped save a life, and that’s what it’s all about,” Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. told those who were honored on Friday at a meeting of the East Hampton Village Board. “We’re proud of you—the community is proud of you.”

Aided by Village Trustees Philip O’Connell and Richard Lawler, Mr. Rickenbach gave commendation letters to those who had helped save Mr. Roosenburg’s life, including members of the Village Police Department and the Village Ambulance Association. Pablo Betancur, Donna Collins, Mary Ellen McGuire and Ian Hoyt of the Ambulance Association, paramedic Kyle McGuinness, Police Officers Steven Niggles and Matthew Kochanasz, and Sergeant Richard Mamay all were honored.

Mr. Quiroz’s brother, Eduardo, accepted a commendation letter on his brother’s behalf, and Mr. Rickenbach praised Miguel Quiroz for his quick actions. The Maidstone Club general manager, Ken Koch, also expressed his appreciation on behalf of the Maidstone for the “great conclusion to a tough situation.”

Mr. Roosenburg’s oldest daughter, Kimberley Roosenburg Landrigan, attended the meeting and expressed gratitude on behalf of her father and her family, and she assured the Village Board and others that her father was “totally fine—which, looking up sudden cardiac arrests, is not the case pretty much ever.” She presented the mayor with a donation for the Ambulance Association, and she also read a statement from Mr. Roosenburg in which he thanked all those who tended to him.

“I realize I’ve been incredibly lucky, not just by doing this at the right place at the right time but especially because I was taken care of by very professional people, of which you are a very crucial part, and you have my gratitude and that of my family,” he said in the statement.

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