Cleanup Continues Along Coast In Southampton Town Two Weeks After Massive Fish Kill


Hampton Bays bayman Will Caldwell and his crew of three were busy on Monday morning helping with the removal of scores of dead bunker on the bay side of Meadow Lane in Southampton Village—the aftermath of a massive fish kill that occurred at the Shinnecock Canal on November 14. The cleanup, which continues along the shore between East Quogue and Southampton Village, has been a slow process as workers have been using rakes, pitchforks and shovels to scoop up the rotting fish, which are a foot or more deep in some areas. The fish are then dumped into bins and taken to the transfer station in Hampton Bays, where they are being mixed with lime and wood chips to help cover their odor and start a transformation to compost. According to Southampton Trustee Scott Horowitz, more than 200,000 pounds of dead bunker have been collected over the past few weeks, and Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said Monday that Mr. Caldwell and his crew had removed about 28.5 tons—or 57,000 pounds—of fish this past weekend alone. Officials believe that the fish kill was a natural occurrence, as too many bunker, presumably chased by predators, had clogged the locks at the canal and suffocated. DANA SHAW PHOTOS

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