Springs Community Notes, December 1


As winter’s darker time approaches, it is comforting to remind oneself that our last month of the year is, indeed, about light, in all of its many forms. Now is the time to get out our candles, whether in preparation for Christmas or Hanukkah, or simply to add a cozy cheer to our homes as our days grow shorter.Light is the symbol of hope and encouragement, like the one at end of the tunnel, or the one shining beacon coming through the darkness that saves us. Also, it’s a symbol of reverence and remembrance, each and every time a flame flickers in honor of a deceased loved one. Then there is the light that can change the world, glowing somewhere inside each of us.

This last month challenges us to tend to our own inner light and to recognize and nurture it in others, more often than not. December, in my mind, offers the hope that the world can indeed become a brighter place, one light at a time.

A big help toward lightening the load of holiday shopping is the sixth annual Friends Bazaar that will be set up at Ashawagh Hall this Saturday, December 3, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. In all price ranges, one can easily find handmade quality gifts, large and small, for nearly everyone on your list! Within the festive atmosphere of the hall, a wide array of beautiful items is available that will surely light up the faces of your gift recipients: ceramics, paintings, jewelry for men and women, woodwares, sculptures, hats, scarves, soaps, lotions, pillows, artisanal chocolates, and, yes … candles! And so much more. I love this sale and find it to be one of the nicest ways around to get into the groove of holiday shopping!

Across from Ashawagh Hall is our Springs Library, another cozy, non-stressful way to locate some extra-special gifts for the folks on your list. They have a large collection of gently used books for sale, and often games, puzzles, calendars and all sorts of unexpected affordable finds. Also, it is the home of the Springs Historical Society: There are tons of booklets that chronicle the history of our hamlet, the 2017 calendar featuring the cartoons of Marvin Kuhn, historical playing cards, all kinds of things that make great stocking-stuffers for not a lot of money!

Sunday, December 4, begins the 25th annual “Lights of Love” celebration at Ashawagh Hall at 5 p.m., and a special tree-lighting ceremony on its green. Each light honors a loved one who is much missed, especially at holiday time, the names of which will remain posted in a list throughout the entire season. All the proceeds from these lights benefit the Springs Improvement Society’s scholarship fund. It’s a wonderful opportunity to join our community in a good, old-fashioned sing-along, and be warmed by hot chocolate, hot cider and your own donated holiday cookies. Hope to see you there!

As the temperatures are dipping, please remember our less fortunate neighbors experiencing tougher times. The Springs Food Pantry is asking for donations of gently used winter coats, sweaters, hats and gloves to be dropped off to the church at 5 Old Stone Highway on Wednesdays until 6 p.m. Due to limited storage space, they cannot accept any other clothing or household items. Non-perishable food items, especially holiday foods, are always welcome, too.

Short but hopefully sweet for me this week. Until next time, happy week, all!

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