Escaped Dog Found Safe In Old, Empty Well In Eastport Monday Night


When David Rose got back to his Eastport home late Monday night, he was tired and laden with bags to bring inside. When he toed open the door, his girlfriend Bryanna Stone’s 1½-year-old yellow Labrador tore outside, the puppy intoxicated by a stray scent and determined to hunt it down. Bags tumbling out of his arms, Mr. Rose sprinted after the usually obedient dog, screaming her name: Baylyn.

A few frantic phone calls later, Mr. Rose, 27, the owner of Rose Marine Services in East Moriches and Swell Yogurt Cafe in Manorville, had assembled a search party including Ms. Stone, Mr. Rose’s father, Roger, from down the road, and about eight friends. Together, the group fanned out and, equipped with flashlights, searched high and low down streets and through the woods in the neighborhood. Mr. Rose brought his other dog, a 3 ½-year-old chocolate Lab named Skip, to sniff out his canine friend.

“I was afraid that Baylyn had hurt herself and was stranded somewhere,” Mr. Rose said on Tuesday. “We were all sprinting down each side street.”

Finally, at about 3 a.m., the group was alerted to Baylyn’s presence when Skip started sniffing and barking near an uninhabited house at 7 North Bay Avenue. They finally found the dog lying at the bottom of an empty old well.

Mr. Rose called the Southampton Town Police who soon arrived with a ladder. Mr. Rose’s father climbed down into the hole and heaved Baylyn back up to the surface.

Though Baylyn was limping slightly, Mr. Rose said that she seemed mostly unharmed and that he was taking her to a veterinarian just to be sure.

“Those old wells need to be filled in,” said Mr. Rose. “Imagine if people are just walking around, or a Realtor is trying to show the house.”

Mr. Rose said that the house had been uninhabited for at least the last decade. According to Southampton Town records, the house has belonged to Robert Eckles Jr. and Tina M. Morgan since 2002.

“I’m just so glad we found her,” said Mr. Rose.

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