New York Ghost Hunting Team visits Sag Harbor library


The presence of disembodied spirits at the John Jermain Library was one of the topics touched on by the New York Ghost Hunting Team, or NYGHT, in a lecture about the team’s paranormal research and adventures to a small but interested audience at the Sag Harbor library on Saturday.

Children’s wing librarian and Flanders resident Susann Farrell is an investigator for the ghost hunting group, but the evening’s main speaker was NYGHT founder Dan Martinez. Mr. Martinez shared knowledge gained from more than 20 years of investigating the paranormal, demonstrated various tools of the trade and explained some of the philosophies and methods NYGHT uses in the field.

Investigators Alexis Camarda, Chris Carey and Anita Rishel also shared some of their experiences, as well as evidence collected at various ostensibly haunted houses, businesses and public places, including a private home in Bridgehampton. The group shared some anomalous photographs and “EVP,” or electronic voice phenomena, which are believed to be voices of the dead captured on audio recorders.

Among the recorded EVP presented were some compelling and creepy voices recorded in a Bridgehampton home and sounds of children recorded at the John Jermain Library during the night when no children were present. NYGHT members stayed after the lecture and attempted to gather more evidence to prove or disprove the library’s rumored haunting.

Ginny Fey, NYGHT’s self-proclaimed psychic medium, also talked about the dangers of dealing with the paranormal and shared a glossary of metaphysical terms.

Oliver Peterson

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