Brewer steps down as FRNCA president


Longtime Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association President Michael Brewer has stepped down from his post, and will be succeeded by former Vice President Brad Bender.

Mr. Brewer, who served as president for seven years and vice president for one year, announced during Monday night’s FRNCA meeting that he would not seek reelection. On Tuesday, Mr. Brewer, who lives in Flanders, said he intends to remain involved in community activities in his hometown.

“I stepped down because, after so many years, I need to step out of the box to regroup and get a better vision,” Mr. Brewer said. “I may possibly come back in the future.

“I would like to see new blood step up and get more people in the community involved,” Mr. Brewer said.

The general elections for FRNCA were held Monday night. Mr. Bender, of Northampton, was elected president, Barbara Swisloski was voted in as vice president, Patty Hopkins was elected secretary and Marianne Fitzgerald was elected treasurer. Ms. Swisloski, Ms. Hopkins, and Ms. Fitzgerald all live in Flanders. All the terms are for one year.

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