Springs School


Recently the fifth grade classes took a trip to the Accabonac Harbor salt marsh ecosystem. Group for the East End staff members guided the classes through the ecosystem. They taught the students about the local plants and animals. The classes learned that a salt marsh is land that is near both salt and fresh water, which is called “brackish.” The classes found cord grass, salt marsh elder and another type that is like hay. These types of grasses are the only ones that can grow when they have both fresh and saltwater flooding. This project, called TERN, is a long-standing venture between the public schools and the Group.

The Springs Natural Helpers have officially been chosen for the year. These 14 seventh- and eighth-graders will take a trip to The Retreat in Riverhead on November 9 and 10. They will get training as peer mediators and community liaisons. They will also volunteer at the Maureen’s Haven Outreach Program at Most Holy Trinity Church in East Hampton this year. They will also work in a soup kitchen, and visit children in Southampton Hospital. The school’s new social worker, Therese Allam, is also leading groups of first- and second-graders called banana splits for children who experience divorce in their families. The students participate in group activities and discussions.

Springs School in Action just produced a new opening in collaboration with LTV’s Channel 22. Coordinator Sue Ellen O’Connor said, “This is our 14th year of ‘Springs School in Action,’ our weekly television show.” Isabella Aguero, Claire Belhumeur, August Gladstone, Nina Gonzalez, Tiffany Gutama, Brooke Santiago, Maddie Schenck, Nicholas Sigua, Isabella Swanson, Alexis Vargas, and Indigo Weston introduced the new opening as a series of postcards in front of Springs’ landmarks. This crew filmed the project in front of a green screen in the Springs Youth Center directed by Archivist Genie Henderson and Executive Director Seth Redlus.

The Journalism Club resumed full operations with reporters from grades three to eight, sponsored by Mary Jane Arceri and Sue Ellen O’Connor. The students collect the news and write the stories each week after school on Wednesdays. Senior editor sixth-grader Andrew Wilson is responsible for saving the stories and peer editing, assisted by Erin Navarro.

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