Hayground School News, May19


Hayground School

Last week, Liz Bertsch’s students held another movie night to premiere their films. Four films and a preview for spring 2012 were viewed: “Moanin’,” “And the Pursuit of Happiness,” “The Dawn of Heroes,” “Kung Fu Fighting” and “Zombie Dodgeball.” The students wrote, filmed, edited and acted in their work. They also designed and created all their sets, props and costumes. The evening began with guests entering on a red carpet and moving onto the Hayground School step for photographs. Students also ran a concession stand where sparkling cider, water, chocolate kisses and popcorn were available.

Marybeth’s class of naturalists went to the Quogue Wildlife Refuge where the children stood face-to-face with otherwise evasive, wild animals such as the great horned owl, the barn owl, a bald eagle and a bobcat, among others. Their hike took them through multiple ecosystems including a small desert and a cranberry bog. On the walk they spotted frogs, turtles and even a muskrat.

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