Solutions For Abundant Geese


Earlier this month, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens issued a statement offering options for landowners with too many geese on their properties.

“Canada geese are a valuable natural resource and a source of recreation and enjoyment to bird watchers, hunters and others,” he wrote. “Flocks in flight this time of year are a welcome sign of the change in seasons. However, local-nesting or resident geese have become year-round inhabitants of parks, ball fields, waterways, farms, residential areas and golf courses, where they can cause problems.”

Property owners can find tips to prevent or reduce problems with Canada geese on the DEC’s website at, he reported, adding that there are several options available to alleviate damage and nuisance caused by resident Canada geese during the spring and summer months.

According to information provided by Mr. Martens, once geese start nesting in mid-March to mid-May, they will be less likely to leave an area. Assuring no birds are physically harmed, anyone may scare or chase geese without a special permit, he reported, adding that those living within 3 miles of an airport must notify the airport manager at least 72 hours in advance so personnel can be on the lookout for any flocks that may be dispersed in the direction of the airport.

Anyone living in a community where geese have become over-abundant is encouraged to visit the DEC website to learn how to effectively and legally deal with the problem.

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