Transaction Highlights, April 25


By Phelan Wolf, Esq.
32 Aqua Drive, Southampton, $2,000,000
This home is located in Shinnecock Hills, which is the region near the former Southampton College, now Stony Brook Southampton, and between the Village of Southampton and the Shinnecock Canal. This area is popular with many buyers because there is generally much less traffic getting to Shinnecock Hills than the villages farther to the East.

This home on Aqua Drive, which runs right along the Shinnecock Bay, is a 2,500-square-foot, 1960s contemporary, fronting directly on the bay. The lot is elevated, affording a great view of the bay, and in the distance, the barrier beach and the ocean beyond.

The lots along this stretch of the bay are protected by a shared bulkhead. There is little beach, as bulkheads and other shore-hardening structures tend to eliminate beaches over time, but the bulkhead does provide good protection from storms. A staircase going down from the house along the bluff to the bulkhead leads to a small boathouse and deck.

The house itself is a well maintained and updated boxy structure, with elevated water views from the contemporary-style living room and remodeled kitchen. Two of the three bedrooms have water views as well.

There is an attached two-car garage and a stone parking court on the street side of the house. The back, or water, side is dominated by a large stone patio and swimming pool. A small lawn area and tightly manicured shrubs complete the property.

This property was listed for $2,950,000 and took some time to sell, eventually for $2 million. It is interesting to note that while we see a wide variety of prices throughout the Hamptons, there seem to be a great many bay-front houses that sell for approximately $2 million scattered across the communities of the East End.

It’s an oversimplification, but in some ways bay-front homes, oceanfront homes and pond-front homes are neighborhoods in and of themselves, with their own price ranges. A bay-front home in Shinnecock Hills is not comparable to a non-waterfront home in Shinnecock Hills. But it might be surprisingly comparable to a bay-front home in Springs.

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