BoltBus Not Offering Hamptons Service After All


Since last fall, big orange coach buses have been whisking passengers back and forth on the South Fork—seemingly another competitor in the Hamptons-Manhattan transit business.

Despite the BoltBus logo on the coaches, the company, a Greyhound Lines division, is not offering rides to and from the South Fork.

Last summer, BoltBus and Hamptons Luxury Liner formed a partnership to provide daily round trips from Manhattan’s East Side to Ronkonkoma, Riverhead and Melville. As a result, the Hamptons Luxury Liner has been using a few Bolt buses since the fall, according to Mike Schoolman, president of BoltBus Long Island and Classic Transportation, which owns Hampton Luxury Liner.

He said there has been no change to the Luxury Liner’s service and the buses will be re-wrapped with advertising for the summer season.

New Jersey-based BoltBus offers low fares—as low at $1 for rides in cities in the northeast and Pacific Northwest. The partnership with Hamptons Luxury Liner added 15 daily round trips from Manhattan to Long Island.

Rides to and from the city begin at $12 and fares increase based on supply and demand. In addition to its inexpensive fares, BoltBus is known for extra leg room, wi-fi internet access, and power outlets, Mr. Schoolman said.

Similarly, Hamptons Luxury Liner, which is based in Bohemia, offers similar amenities for its passengers going to and from the Hamptons but at a higher fare: $35 one way and $70 round trip.

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