Springs School News, April 25


Springs School
As reported by the Journalism Club
Amanda Krzenski’s kindergarten class had its own Book Fair on April 5. They were inspired by teacher and writer Adam Osterweil and wanted to publish books so they chose one of their stories to edit. They published copies and then invited their families to visit and purchase their autographed books. All books were sold for 25 cents and they raised $33.25 that they donated to the PTA to fund more book fairs. Katherine Byrnes, Eric Casale, and Elizabeth Scammell’s fourth grade class and, of course, Mr. Osterweil, attended their book fair.

The Springs Library shared some literary magazines with Mrs. O’Connor from 25 years ago. The Journalism Club reporters discovered that Mrs. Schuppe was teaching then and her class participated in a teddy bear contest. The reporters are now researching which teachers at school have been at Springs the longest and asking them about major changes they have seen.

Third-grader Kimberly Bermeo wrote a letter to Principal Eric Casale in the school’s “brag bag.” She wrote: “Thanks for giving the students a great school year.” The letter was posted on the website as inspiration to all other students and staff before state testing week. Kimberly is a serious filmmaker who just won an award for her animation at Guild Hall.

On April 12, Joan Branche and Margaret Garsetti hosted Springs Idol to a packed gymnasium. The 12 acts were judged by Eric Casale, Brenda Crozier and Tatiana Tucci. The winners were Tori Schmitt singing to her own accompaniment on the guitar, with soloist Emma Wiltshire winning second place singing and Julia Kearney, Ashley Rea and Nicole Realmuto winning third place for their dancing. The show was filmed and will be featured on the school’s cable show, Springs School in Action, and sold at school.

Tracey Frazier’s fifth grade Math Club began in October. They have been practicing for the state math test each week. The participants are Nicholas Lavelle, James McGuire, Michael Dumancela, Jennifer Toledo, Olivia Brabant, Autumn Vargas, Sophia Swanson, and Javis Gibbons.

The Springs Theatre production of the play “Peter Pan” inspired many students from Springs to participate with the adults. Principal Eric Casale acknowledged Paula Guerra, Dylan Andrada, Colin Freedman, Michael Figueroa, Yori Johnson, Emily Matz, Samantha Schurr, Jackie Bates, Grace Frazier, Noelle Johnson, Riley Goldstein and Alexandra Bates.

David Ayala, Mikko Negroponte, and Alex Chavez led the fourth-graders in reading the most science nonfiction books donated by the PTA and Eric Casale.

After Finn Wainwright showed Sue Ellen O’Connor a video of a robotic hamster, the class made it a mission to procure the hamster. Ben Wainwright researched it and the hamster was purchased for the Academic Enrichment Program. Jasper Eddie quoted lines from Shakespeare to it and it was repeated back to the delight of the class. The Math Kids from the second grade are planning to quiz it on its math facts.

Second-graders in Karen McKee’s class turned a dreary Friday afternoon into lots of fun. After reading “Nancy Drew-The Clue Mystery,” they attempted making their own vanilla ice cream. There was a whole lot of shaking and cold hands but the result was delicious ice cream. Some only made it to the smoothie stage but overall the ice cream project was a success, as attested to by Officer Kim who walked in for DARE class but couldn’t resist.

Kimberly Belkin’s third grade class enjoyed a home-grown salad lunch last week. The class harvested lettuce in the school’s greenhouse and also planted their own varieties using recycled milk cartons as containers. Each student added vegetables to the salad. Student Daniel Piver said, “This is the best lunch ever!” There was even lettuce left over for each student to bring a full bag home to have with their dinner. Kimberly Belkin noted, “It’s a delicious and healthy way to incorporate our greenhouse into the curriculum.”

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