Public Invited to Clean Eastville Cemetery In Sag Harbor on May 4


Fallen branches and twigs are set to be cleared out of the 19th-century African Methodist Episcopal Zion Cemetery in Sag Harbor’s historical Eastville community this Saturday, May 4, beginning at 2 p.m., during a cleanup organized by the Eastville Community Historical Society.

Members of the public are invited to chip in to pick up sticks and prune some shrubbery in the old graveyard on Eastville Avenue, which opened in about 1857 and includes about 90 graves and at least 67 headstones.

Michael Butler, the chairman of the society, said that he hopes at least 30 people, including many Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, will participate. Bags and other cleanup materials will be provided.

The organization recently won two grants, $3,000 for educational programs, and $16,000 to go toward refurbishment. Future goals, he said, include repairing an existing fence or replacing it with one that surrounds the just over an acre site, as well as cleaning the tombstones and setting upright those that have toppled over.

“Cemeteries are not just 
for the dead. They’re for the living, as well,” Mr. Butler pointed out.

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