Sag Harbor Elementary School News, May 9


Sag Harbor Elementary School
Under the direction of music teacher David Fox, two students from the after-school orchestra performed at Morning Program. Fifth-graders Dylan Hewett (cello) and Brianna Bolles (violin) played a Mozart Serenade and Ode to Joy by Beethoven, among other pieces.

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo the kindergartners in Susan Raebeck’s and Kelly Cipriano’s class performed the Mexican Hat Dance at Morning Program under the direction of Spanish teacher Rafaela Messinger.

Sag Harbor Elementary School will hold its annual open house, “A Celebration of Our Children,” on Monday, May 13, at 6:30 p.m. Family, friends, and community members are invited to see the work the students have produced throughout the year.

School counselor Michelle Grant introduced career awareness at Morning Program. She talked about why grown-ups have to work and explained that doing work you love in order to earn money equals job satisfaction. Ms. Grant then presented a slide show of the coolest jobs ever, such as water slide tester, state jester in England, chocolatiere, and island caretaker.

The Math Fair was very successful with many families attending this night of fun and learning about math concepts. There were 11 activity stations including Abacus Craft, Math Relay Race, Kaleidographs, the Block Shop, Have Some Pie with Pi, and Cards Anyone?

The Spring Concert will be held on Thursday, May 23, at 7 p.m.

Kindergarten registration for the 2013-14 school year is under way. Children who will be five years old by December 1, 2013, are eligible to attend. Registration must be completed in person with Kristen Doerr at Pierson High School; call 631 735 5302, extension 456. Registration packets are available in the main office at the Sag Harbor Elementary School or can be found on the school website at

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