Gregor Offers Conciliation On Cromers Parking Lot


Southampton Town Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor has asked the Town Board to support a slightly tweaked version of his plans for roadwork intended to improve safety surrounding Cromers Market and the Whalebone General Store on Noyac Road.

Mr. Gregor this week told Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst that he would like to proceed with plans to construct a barrier dividing the parking lot of the market and general store from Noyac Road, but would not make two side streets, Elm Street and Bay Avenue, one-way streets, as originally proposed.

Mr. Gregor said on Wednesday morning that he has received a low bid from South Fork Asphalt in Southampton for the construction work in the parking lot, which he says is the most important component of the project for improving safety. Currently, the parking lots are open to the roadway and cars must pull out directly from their parking spots into the roadway. There have been 45 accidents of varying degrees of seriousness near the parking lot in the last five years, Mr. Gregor said.

“This job needs to happen,” Mr. Gregor said. “We keep getting hit with these hypothetical what-ifs … meanwhile, there is a very serious safety issue that needs to be addressed.”

Residents of the two streets had objected to Mr. Gregor’s plans, saying they feared it would force traffic from the two stores—delivery trucks and impatient customers no longer able to pull directly onto Noyac Road—into the neighborhood. The Town Board sided with the residents.

On Wednesday, Ms. Throne-Holst said that she would like Mr. Gregor to come to the Town Board and present his plans and let the community—including the owners of the two businesses—weigh in on them once again.

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