Springs School News, May 16


Springs School News
As reported by the Journalism Club

The Journalism Club celebrates its last session of the season today, May 15, with an ice cream party and a return visit from Mary Jane Arceri, who supplied the ice cream and goodies. Matthew Maya and Ella Gurney, the students with the top word counts, were honored. Mrs. O’Connor thanked Linda Kernell for her assistance. The best attendance was awarded to Ben Wainwright, Logan Gurney and Erin Kennedy. Thirty reporters were recognized.

Adam Osterweil mailed out his “Lifebook” letters May 8. Graduating high school seniors wrote the letters when they were in seventh grade, addressing their future selves. This has been a long-term popular tradition and the students are often shocked by how much they have changed or not changed, according to Mr. O.

The academic challenge question this week was about school history. It required a detective. The students had to locate the original stage in the school. Most identified the second stage, which is presently a resource room behind the offices, that was added in 1960. The first stage was in the room used by Mrs. Yardley at the top of the ramp on the left across from Mrs. Reidlinger’s room in the original old building constructed in 1931. The winners are Kimberly Bermeo, Bella Tarbet and Drew Salamy. Drew has won more academic challenge questions than any other student this year.

The fifth grade classes have started a new writing unit, fantasy. Ms. Policastro read her class “Little Witch” to get the unit started. Madison Lappin said, “I like how we can be extremely creative in this genre.” The student writers are including magic, mythical creatures and magical settings. The students are planning to share their stories when they are complete.

Led by Katie Farmer, the girls’ junior high softball team defeated Hampton Bays by one run. Springs was up most of the game but Hampton Bays battled back and tied the score. Isabella Swanson pitched a great game striking out two girls to hold a tie in the last inning. Springs had the home field and last licks. Camilla Tucci scored the winning run after a successful bunt from Kerrie McCaffery.

The final film festival of the year was presented in Spirit Meet on May 13. The students produced 42 films this year with eight films presented Monday. The program culminated with the animation adaptation of Hamlet by fourth-graders Bella Tarbet and Evan Mendelman.

On Friday, May 3, 58 students participated in creating a CD, highlighting the 28 best hits of the last three operas, “Cat Tales” 2012-13, “The Tale Of Sea Womp” 2011-12, and “The Flight of the Fireflies” 2010-11. Kyril Bromley arranged the students’ music and accompanied with John Gibbons on the guitar. Sue Ellen O’Connor coordinates the program, with Margaret Thompson as the musical director. Mark Edie photographed and Dina Rafferty helped with supervision. The finished CDs will be on sale in June.

Superintendent Dominic Mucci hosted a staff appreciation day breakfast May 10. The entire staff attended before school began that day.

Shouts of joy could be heard early Tuesday morning coming from Karen McKee’s second grade room. Students surrounded Niya Minardi for a group hug; Niya just returned to Springs from Colorado. During morning meeting the students interviewed Niya about her former school, classmates, and environment. They learned about sledding, skiing, and the joys of eating pizza from the school cafeteria.

This year the Worlds Fair poster contest, organized by Christine Cleary, was a big success with 100 percent participation. First place for most informative was Owen McCormack’s fourth-grade poster of Japan, with Kevin Chabla making the origami. The winner for the most artistic poster of Canada was Valerie Policastro’s fifth-grade class that featured a paper beaver’s dam. First place for creativity was Ann Marie Diaz’s first-grade class with the poster of Poland and its elaborate paper cutting, called wycinanka. The judges of the poster contest were Sue Ellen O’Connor and Colleen McGowan. The winners of the poster contest enjoyed an ice cream party.

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