Montauk Chamber Launches A Clean, Green Pilot Recycling Program


Visitors will find bright blue and green receptacles dotting Main Street in Montauk this summer, thanks to a pilot recycling program organized by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce.

The green bins will be used to recycle glass and the blue ones to recycle plastic and aluminum, and all will sport the word “Montauk” down the side. Sponsors who cover the cost of a container can have their business name printed on the bin as well as a say in where it will be placed.

“We will all benefit by keeping Montauk a clean and green hamlet,” says a letter inviting business owners to adopt a receptacle.

“I think people are excited because it can mean so much more for the future,” said Catherine Foley, a member of the chamber’s board of directors, who’s been pushing the pilot program forward, along with Laraine Creegan, the chamber’s executive director. “We want to show community support, show the town that we want to go further with this,” Ms. Foley said.

Trash seemed to approach critical mass last summer, she said, and providing an easy way to recycle not only will reduce the cost of getting rid of it, but also demonstrate respect for the environment.

Ms. Foley and Ms. Creegan approached the East Hampton Town Board over the winter with their idea, writing letters, researching various types of receptacles and mapping out the locations of the 26 trash cans currently placed in downtown Montauk. In the first step of what they hope will become a townwide recycling program, the East Hampton Town Parks and Recreation Department agreed to monitor the recycling containers, which will be placed next to the regular bins. Parks and Rec will take sorted trash to the Montauk recycling center and replace liner bags in the recycling bins.

As of Tuesday, Ms. Foley said, merchants and private individuals had adopted 31 of the 50 receptacles to line Main Street, each of which costs $190. Among the sponsors are contractors, owners of businesses in the Montauk Harbor area, and private individuals as well as those with businesses like resorts, restaurants and shops in the downtown area.

Those who’d like to join in have been asked to sign up with the chamber as soon as possible. The choice of bin placement is on a first-come, first-served basis, so it might be wise to move quickly. People can also make donations for the recycling program to the chamber, whose phone number is 668-2428.

The program should be in place from about May 31 to October 31.

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