Southampton Village Board Changes Date Of Beach Permit Requirement To Save Money


The Southampton Village Board approved a new local law last Thursday that would require beach permits for all village beaches, except for Coopers Beach, beginning May 15.

The change was made in an effort to save time and money that goes in to replacing all of the signs each year to reflect the correct date. Under the previous code, signs listed the Saturday before Memorial Day as the first day requiring a permit.

Village Administrator Stephen Funsch said the change will save the village approximately $2,500 to $3,000 each year.
Cablevision Audit
Village Board members expressed interest in conducting an audit of the money it receives from Cablevision each year in franchise fees—a surcharge passed along to Cablevision subscribers. Mr. Funsch said last Thursday that PhoneReview of Mineola offered to do an audit for 50 percent of what is gained, but said he could likely get the company to go down to 40 or 45 percent.

According to Mr. Funsch, the village typically gets anywhere from $125,000 to $130,000 annually from Cablevision, much of which is used to fund SEA-TV, Southampton Town’s public access channel that broadcasts village meetings. How much the village receives is based on how many cable boxes and pay-per-view purchases there are within the village, he said.

Under the village’s contract with Cablevision, it has the right to request an audit and hire a company to do it. Mr. Funsch said he would also contact an upstate audit firm for a competing bid.

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