Rogers Memorial Library Creates Promotional DVD For Library


The Rogers Memorial Library is exploring new ways to inform patrons about how the Windmill Lane facility has been serving the community for the past 13 years.

The newest promotional material is a 12-minute-long DVD that takes patrons through the programs and functions of the 26,500-square-foot library. The DVD, which is officially available free of charge at the reference desk for new cardholders, has been in the works since March 2012, when it was approved by the board of trustees. It was filmed at the library last summer, and was officially completed last month.

“One of the goals of the DVD is, we wanted to get our message out there about what we do here that many people might not know about,” said Elizabeth Burns, library director. “The role of the public library has changed dramatically from when I was a kid—we are more than just a book place.”

As part of the DVD, videographer Abby Russell from Nuforms Media—which has offices in both New York and Los Angeles—interviewed library employees, Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley, and patrons of the library, which includes 126,327 books and magazines, 39,745 electronic books, and 36,554 DVDs, CDs and audio materials.

According to Ms. Burns, the DVD was the brain child of Library Trustee Richard E. Warren. Mr. Warren proposed the video as an opportunity to showcase the library services in the age of the New York State cap on tax levy increases. With an operating budget of approximately $3.8 million this year, the library will be relying more and more on fundraising in years to come to stay under the cap.

“The cap doesn’t keep up with what it takes to operate and maintain services needed for our community,” Ms. Burns said. “We pride ourselves on high-quality library services, and this community supports us.”

In total, the DVD cost the library $25,000, which came from funds earmarked for a storage barn on the property. After the money was allocated, the library was given a construction grant, giving them the opportunity to use the money.

There are currently 1,000 copies of the DVD, which will be given to all new cardholders at the library. The video will also be available through the library website,, and any questions regarding the short film can be directed to Ms. Burns.

“This is another way we have now to get the word out there about what we do,” she said. “People are getting information in so many different ways now, and so are we. This is another vehicle to do that.”

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